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Who We Are

This ministry was launched out of love. An unconditional love for ALL of His children and their unique reflection of Him. A genuine, deep, and heartfelt desire to combine the best of the corporate world with the academic world to provide peace for families in the world of collegiate guidance counseling.

Our Goals

To love unconditionally...

each client whether a “rigorous AP,”  “struggling LD,” or “gifted/challenged” profile


To assist parents...

with lifting their children to the best of God’s design by analyzing current situation: Thriving, Surviving, or Diving

To let parents relax...

in the sovereignty of our Lord as they watch their child unfold in his/her own maturation speed for His glory using thoughtful decision-making

To partner...

in goal-setting, steps to achievement, and final outcomes through active listening and formal documentation of individualized collegiate and life plans

To maximize...

“The Letters of Projection” over “The Letters of Protection” by thorough analysis of SWOT’s for each child, while having some fun pushing the envelope


To offer heart and skills...

training for managing social graces and improved outcomes for life by having an active walk of gratitude and respect for others

To create...

engaging seminars that inspire young minds to be more than they imagined through an interactive style of joy in the journey while relating the seriousness of maturity and follow-through

To teach final analysis...

for ROI of collegiate return packages including FAFSA, need and merit scholarships, and other financial considerations under the umbrella of academic, spiritual, and social needs for each child

T. Currier

Owner, Teacher, Speaker

Teresa Allen Currier, “T” is a native Charlottean and graduate of at South Mecklenburg High School, class of 1983. With a BS in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, T launched herself successfully into a variety of industries — real-estate, technology and engineering, hotels and hospitality, banking, consulting, and ultimately, education. Feeling called by God, her heart is to train children to think, discern, embrace, and launch on their own into a purposeful path to serve others.

Her most prized credentials are the testimonials of her students.

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