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About PYS

Teaching and encouraging kids to hear God’s calling on their lives is the foundation of Publishing Your Story. A smooth and systematic collegiate admissions process through personal ownership is the goal.


to deliver excellence


to launch high school students through a faith-based life skills experience for an intelligent and heartfelt unfolding of a collegiate path for service in society


  • To utilize the latest in brain-based research from top universities and proven practical applications in the private sector of business, psychological, educational, and leadership industries
  • To actively use Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Do What You Are, and Spiritual Gifts Analysis for opening self-discovery
  • To refer to the Bible as reference for relationship development

Strategic Collegiate Services

Planning your college path


Delivering a systematic methodology for assisting students in discovering and publishing the story of their passion, experience, and intention of our Lord and Savior’s calling upon their lives

training skills


Training on goal-setting, first impressions, time management, standardized test prep strategy, table etiquette, dress, course selection, essay writing, resume creation, letters of recommendation strategy, interview protocol and practice, scholarship search, understanding God’s unique design and career exploration

monitoring your students path


Offering monthly, quarterly, or annual monitoring of academic performance both in the classroom and on standardized tests with a focus of improved scoring based on goal setting, problem identification, and study skill development

problem solving your students needs

Problem Solving

Listening to situations of concern for parents and assisting with solutions either by services offered here or referrals to community partners

Where to Start

The Big Picture

The Big Picture is essential for any high school age student including 8th and 9th grade.  This is an interactive two-hour seminar designed to show you how the other side of the table analyzes students and applications, but with God as our Captain. We will do what is called the “GPA Game” with detailed explanations along with taking apart the Common Application.